1.Renting terms

Minimum utilization period of these services is 24 hours.

Every delay longer then 120 minutes when returning the vehicle is charged for the sum of a whole day renting.

- Minimum age of the driver is 22 . Person who wants to rent a car must have at least 2 old drivers license.

- Utilization of the vehicle outside the borders of Montenegro is not allowed without permission of Modus Vivendi rent a car.

- If lease holder leaves Montenegro without consent of Modus Vivendi rent a carand some damage are done to the vehicle, the lease holder will be charged the full amount of estimated damage or the market value of the vehicle.

- By the rules stated in the contract the lease holder cannot allow other people to use the vehicle without consent of the lessor Modus Vivendi rent a car.

2. Fuel

Vehicle is rented with the current amount of fuel in the fuel tank. The fuel is not included in the rental price. The user of the vehicle is obliged to return vehicle with exact amount of fuel it had in the fuel tank at the time of renting.

3.Renting payment

You can make your payment by choosing one of the payment methods.
When paying in cash you must pay a deposit whose amount depends of the category of the rented vehicle..

4.Extra payments

-In some cases delivery or collection of a vehicle is extra charged and the amount depends on the address of lease holder.


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